Aloha (hello), we've created this page to help newcomers (or newbies) to the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) get the most out of what is widely regarded as the most prestigious microwave industry gathering in the world. We're not selling microwave ovens here (although we have received that question and some pretty cool versions have been demonstrated at our prior symposia), we're talking about RF/microwave/mm-wave/THz technology and applications.

The following information is provided to give an overall perspective on attending IMS for the first time, but may still prove useful for repeat attendees. Please click the embedded links to explore our website and help "Justify Your Trip" to IMS.

Microwave week

IMS is part of the larger Microwave Week, which includes the Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Symposium (RFIC) and the Automatic Radio-Frequency Techniques Group Conference (ARFTG). Please visit the RFIC and ARFTG websites to learn more about what they offer.


Three Main Elements of IMS:

Microwave Industry Exhibition - commonly refereed to as the Exhibition or Show, attendees are provided access to over 500 exhibiting companies in one location for three days

Technical Program - six consecutive days of the latest developments in RF/microwave technology and applications in the form of workshops, short courses, plenary session, technical sessions, interactive forums, panel sessions, and other formats

Networking (Social) Events - various receptions, awards ceremonies, and company-sponsored events where attendees can interact and network outside of the exhibition or technical program


Specific Items of Interest to IMS Newcomers:

RF Boot Camp - a one day course ideal for newcomers to the microwave world

SSC: From Bits to Waves: Building a Modern Digital Radio in 1 Day - a fun and interactive short course where participants learn the basic theory of modern digital radios as well as the RF circuits and systems used to build them

Microwave Week Overview - interactive top-level schedule of the entire Microwave Week


For another perspective, check out the fun and informative Unofficial IMS Website. You'll find much more information than we're willing to share :)