Focus and Special Sessions will be an integral part of the IMS2017 technical program. Proposals for Focus and Special Sessions on topics that are of high interest to the Symposium or relevant to the microwave community are invited


Focus Session Proposals should highlight emerging new technical topics that are gaining importance and may be of significant interest to the microwave community. Focus Sessions encompass a wide range of topics and may involve a specific emerging technology or may cover several technologies that are relevant to a common application. Example emerging areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

• RF technologies for smart vehicles and drones
• Millimeter-wave technologies, systems, and applications
• Radar sensing in consumer electronics, gaming, and virtual reality
• Massive MIMO for 5G wireless communications
• Convergence of RF and digital techniques at the IC level
• Personal biomedical devices enabled by RF technology   
• Emerging applications in space sensing, systems, and operations
• Simultaneous transmit and receive in multifunction systems
• Internet of things (IoT)
• Next frontiers of personal connectivity
• New RF techniques enabled by progress in materials, 3D printing, or metamaterials             


Special Session Proposals should recognize events of historical significance to the microwave community as well as highlight the technical achievements in a specific technical area, application space or geographical region of the world. Special Sessions may also recognize the life work of an MTT-S member by honoring their technical and/or service contributions to the microwave community. Examples of Special Sessions may include:

• Maritime applications of radar technologies
• Anniversary of a major invention or technical milestone
• Tribute to a distinguished MTT-S member


 Focus and Special Session proposal submission deadline is 6 September 2016 (Tuesday).