Wednesday, 7 June 2017
Location: Hawai‘i Convention Center, Overlook Concourse
Time: 10:30-12:00

The purpose of the Student Paper Competition (SPC) is to recognize outstanding technical contributions from individual students. The Technical Paper Review Committee has identifed the following students as Finalists in this year’s Student Paper Competition. Finalists will be presenting their papers at the Student Paper Competition’s Interactive Forum (SPC-IF) in addition to their regular presentation. All IMS2017 attendees are encouraged to stop by the SPC-IF and interact with these promising students, in addition to seeing them in their regular speaking sessions (listed after the paper title below in parentheses). 

And the IMS2017 Student Paper Competion winners are:


First Place:

3D Unconditionally Stable FDTD Modeling of Micromagnetics and Electrodynamics (TH1A)
Zhi Yao
Advisor: Yuanxun Ethan Wang, University of California, Los Angeles


Second Place:

Cu/Co Metaconductor Based High Signal Integrity Transmission Lines for Millimeter Wave Applications (WE1B)
Seahee Hwangbo
Advisor: Yong-Kyu Yoon, University of Florida


Third Place:

A 30-Gb/s, 2x6-bit I/Q RF-DAC Transmitter With 19.9 dBm in the 20–32-GHz Band (TH4I)
Stefan Shopov
Advisor: Sorin Voinigescu, University of Toronto

Dielectric Waveguide Based Multi-Mode Sub-THz Interconnect Channel for High Data-Rate High Bandwidth-Density Planar Chip-to-Chip Communication (TH3H)
Bo Yu
Advisor: Qun Jane Gu, University of California, Davis


Honorable Mention:

A D-Band Fully-Differential Quadrature FMCW Radar Transceiver With 11 dBm Output Power and a 3-dB 30-GHz Bandwidth in SiGe BiCMOS (TH1I)
Muhammad Furqan
Advisor: Andreas Stelzer, Johannes Kepler University

A Mm-Wave Ultra-Long-Range Energy-Autonomous Printed RFID-Enabled Van-Atta Wireless Sensor: at the Crossroads of 5G and IoT (TH2G)
Jimmy Hester
Advisor: Manos Tentzeris, Georgia Institute of Technology

A Notch-Feedback Based 4th-Order 2–4 GHz Bandpass Filter System for S-Band Radar Receiver Protection Under the LTE and Radar Coexistence (TH3C)
Laya Mohammadi
Advisor: Kwang-Jin Koh, Virginia Tech

RF Harmonic Distortion Modeling in Silicon-Based Substrates Including Non-Equilibrium Carrier Dynamics (TU2E)
Martin Rack
Advisor: Jean-Pierre Raskin, Université catholique de Louvain


Congratulations to this year's finalists!

A 1.5–88 GHz 19.5 dBm Output Power Triple Stacked HBT InP Distributed Amplifer (TU1F)
Student Finalist: Duy Nguyen
Advisor: Anh-Vu Pham, University of California, Davis

0.4-THz Wideband Imaging Transmitter in 65-nm CMOS (TU2F)
Student Finalist: Zeshan Ahmad
Advisor: Kenneth K. O, University of Texas at Dallas

57.5 GHz Bandwidth 4.8 Vpp Swing Linear Modulator Driver for 64 GBaud m-PAM Systems (TU2H)
Student Finalist: Alireza Zandieh
Advisor: Sorin Voinigescu, University of Toronto

A Varactor-Tuned Frequency-Reconfigurable Fabric Antenna Embedded in Polymer: Assessment of Suitability for Wearable Applications (TU3C)
Student Finalist: Roy B. V. B. Simorangkir
Advisors: Karu Esselle, Macquarie University, and Yang Yang, University of Technology Sydney

A DC–90 GHz 4-Vpp Differential Linear Driver in a 0.13 μm SiGe:C BiCMOS Technology for Optical Modulators (TU4G)
Student Finalist: Pedro Rito
Advisor: Dietmar Kissinger, Technische Universität Berlin

Ring Resonator Based Integrated Optical Beam Forming Network With True Time Delay for mmW Communications (TU4G)
Student Finalist: Yuan Liu
Advisor: Jonathan Klamkin, University of California, Santa Barbara

An Integrated 7-Gb/s 60-GHz Communication Link Over Single Conductor Wire Using Sommerfeld Wave Propagation in 65-nm CMOS (WE1F)
Student Finalist: Kai Zhan
Advisor: Arun Natarajan, Oregon State University

High Performance 500-750 GHz RF MEMS Switch (WE4D)
Student Finalist: Yukang Feng
Advisor: N. Scott Barker, University of Virginia

A 19-40 GHz Bi-Directional MEMS Tunable All Silicon Evanescent-Mode Cavity Filter (TH1C)
Student Finalist: ZhengAn Yang
Advisor: Dimitrious Peroulis, Purdue University

Fabrication of a Low Insertion Loss Intrinsically Switchable BAW Filter Based on BST FBARs (TH2C)
Student Finalist: Milad Zolfagharloo Koohi
Advisor: Amir Mortazawi, University of Michigan

A 64 GHz 2 Gbps Transmit/Receive Phased-Array Communication Link in SiGe With 300 Meter Coverage (TH2I)
Student Finalist: Bhaskara Rupakula
Advisor: Gabriel Rebeiz, University of California, San Diego 

Multi-Delay Rational Modeling of Lumped-Distributed Systems (TH3A)
Student Finalist: Maral Zyari
Advisor: Yves Rolain, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Zero-Bias, 50 dB Dynamic Range, V-Band Power Detector Based on CVD Graphene (TH3B)
Student Finalist: Mohamed Elsayed
Advisor: Renato Negra, RWTH Aachen University

RF-Input Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier (TH3G)
Student Finalist: Prathamesh Pednekar
Advisor: Taylor Barton, University of Colorado Boulder

Frequency Translational RF Receiver With Time Varying Transmission Lines (TVTL) (TH3I)
Student Finalist: Qianteng Wu
Advisor: Yuanxun Ethan Wang, University of California, Los Angeles

A New Resonance in a Circular Waveguide Cavity Assisted by Anisotropic Metasurfaces (TH4B)
Student Finalist: Xiaoqiang Li
Advisors: Tatsuo Itoh and Mohammad Memarian, University of California, Los Angeles