Focus Sessions

Focus sessions highlight emerging technical topics that may be of significant interest to the microwave community. Emerging technologies, evolving applications, and advances in modeling are highlighted at this year's IMS.

IMS2017 will offer the following focus sessions:

• 5G and Beyond for the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Latest Components for Commercial Space Applications
• State-of-the-Art in Cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers
• Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling for RF, Microwave, Terahertz and Optical Applications



Special Sessions

Special sessions recognize events of historical significance to the microwave community. Special sessions can also highlight technical achievements in a specific technical area, application, or geographical region of the world, or they may recognize the life work of an MTT-S member by honoring his or her contributions to the microwave community.

IMS2017 will offer the following special sessions:

• Emerging Space Systems and Associated Technology
• Advances in Microwave Systems for Deep Space Missions
• Enabling Technologies for Space Systems
• Maritime Applications of Radar
• Nathan Sokal and the Class-E Amplifier
• State-of-the-Art Technologies for Modeling, Optimization, and Tuning of Microwave Circuits
• Women in Defense